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ALERT !!!! -- JFJO @ PJC JULY 17


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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Pepper Jack Cafe, July 17

38 King William St. Hamilton

jfjo.com, pepperjackcafe.com

Advance Tickets



"JFJO burns with a quiet intensity rather than dramatically explodes. The musicians play with a coiled looseness, improvising with quicksilver yet deliberate force. You can hear the band's power and inventiveness creatively eroding structure, and the tension produced from that is exhilarating. If JFJO isn't moving jazz forward, it is shifting its center of gravity interestingly askew."

- Dave Segal, JAZZTIMES

"You are pushing jazz forward in a brand new direction. Thanks!"

- Cecil Taylor (the Jazz legend told Brian after witnessing 3 hours of Jacob Fred love.)

"...the powerful presence of Brian Haas is a force to be reckoned with. Haas is a free player, creating his own style of music that brazenly eludes any label or description... you can hear the sound of musical boundaries being erased, and it's a beautiful thing."

-Robbie Genet, Keyboard Magazine

"You'll be hearing a lot about Reed Mathis from the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, because he's doing innovative stuff."

- Les Claypool (in Bass Player Magazine)

"The new Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey album (their fourth national release) is Titled Walking With Giants. "It's our humble offering to our heroes, like Wayne Shorter, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane," Smart explains. The CD is also dedicated to the late Elvin Jones. While showing his respect for the great jazz drummers on Giants, Smart also plays some thunderous rock -- and a wild tango. "For jazz to grow," the drummer insists, "it has to add some world elements and other styles. I've always been into drumming as an art form, so some of my facorite musicians are Ringo, Levon Helm, and Jim Keltner. Guys like that are just as exciting to as Tony Williams and Elvin Jones."

Smart grew up in Ohio and was influenced by The Beatles, Rush, The Police, and Led Zeppelin."

- Robin Tolleson, Modern Drummer



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These guys blew my mind at the May Come Together Fest. They were pushing musical boundaries, and played with an incredible amount of passion and energy. And I agree with bouche, if you got up close and watched them, it added a tremendous amount to the experience.

"You'll be hearing a lot about Reed Mathis from the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, because he's doing innovative stuff." I agree with Les Claypool - Reed Mathis plays the bass like nobody else I've seen!

Peace, Mark

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