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my "race to a million spams" challenge...


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So I was getting sick of being annoyed by the heaps of spam that I get at my yahoo account, which I've had since 1998 or so, and decided to be a bit more constructive about it. Instead of dreading spam I'm going to treasure it, by challenging myself to let it pile up 'till I reach a million. I should clarify that my spam is quite well filtered and goes into the "bulk" mailbox which does not count toward my quota.

Anyhow, I'm up to almost 1,900 so far. A long way to go, but I'm sure there are plenty more viagra ads out there with my name on them ;)

A bit of "lemonade from lemons" I guess.

edit: given the amount of excitement I'm sure this is going to cause in the jambands community, I'll be sure to update again at 10k, 100k, and perhaps throw the "million spam bash" at the end!

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