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No GRUVLIX this week...


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Well, I woke up on time. I got ready on time. I was out the door on time, but, the 111 was early.

So... no GRUVLIX this week.

I need to find some kind of magical Rubberdinghy route, where he just shows up with a bus near my house and takes me whereever I need to be.

Tune in next week, for... uh... GRUVLIX.

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So, you had almost everything ready to go, got tripped up by one (surmountable, given a bit of effort) logistical snag, and you cut your losses and cancel the show? Oh, you promise you'll do a show in the future, but what guarantee do we have? We were ready and willing to give you a chance, and you've lost that opportunity. This cancellation has left a bad taste in the mouths of those, like me, who were excited about what we were going to hear.




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