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Soundtrack of our Lives


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For the record, Del has never said a word about them to me.

I was just having fun...........at Del's expense obviously.

Dude, I have some TSOOL to make you and if you like them or not, who cares in the end?

All I know is that I love them. Who cares what Freeker and Sloth think? They are mindless drones anyways.

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"the late night gig was just gravy after that... "

Watch for me on the upcoming dvd.

I kid you not, the Skanc folk are going to cry in laughter as I cry tears of "Wow, I was wasted and having fun!"

Ok, no more posting or I am going to shed more tears. What a wicked night that was.

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Guest Low Roller

Yup, they're Sweedish.

They are also the last band I've seen live. Twice. I saw them in Paris in December and Brighton in February, and those are sadly the last two shows I've been to of late.

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I have their latest disc Origins vol 1. and it's fan friggen tastic!

I was looking forward to making the trek to Vermont for this, but the last couple of weeks has been very busy with work and getting this site moved and working again. I can't take the time off at the end of the week to go anymore. I hadn't heard from anyone getting the tix yet, so I let my opportunity for a pass fall through.


Are you going VD?

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