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Sir Bob Geldof vs. eBay


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Online Auction House eBay Pull Live 8 Ticket Sales

Wednesday June 15, 2005 @ 04:30 PM

By: ChartAttack.com Staff

Again displaying the strange power that Bob Geldof seems to have over people, his complaints to the "electronic pimps" of eBay have led the online auction house to withdraw Live 8 tickets up for bidding.

As previously reported, Geldof spoke harshly about the "miserable wretches" of the eBay administration. They defended themselves but chose to discontinue the sales late Tuesday.

Speaking to Sky News before the tickets were pulled, Geldof encouraged people to "get on eBay and mess up the system" by pretending they had tickets to Live 8. He also instructed them to bid huge sums of money for tickets already on sale. Minutes later, tickets that had been selling for thousands of dollars soared up to the million-dollar range.

According to the Associated Press, managing director Doug McCallum made the decision to pull the sales after listening to customers. He concluded, "Overwhelmingly, the voice is that they would like us to take down the listing." The online auction site also promised to take down any future Live 8 ticket sales, should they resurface on eBay.

A disgruntled Geldof approved of eBay's decision, though he said they should have thought the sale through more thoroughly. He described the sale of the tickets as an example of "corporate arrogance."

Over two million people applied for the London concert's150,000 available tickets through a text message lottery. The tickets, though free, carried a surcharge for the text message. The surcharges alone raised over $6 million Canadian.

A series of Live 8 benefits will take place on July 2 in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Philadelphia. Headliners for the respective shows include Pink Floyd, Jamiroquai, Duran Duran, Green Day and Will Smith.

—Angela Kozak


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wow. I looked at some of those after reading about his OUTRAGE and saw they were up to 2 mil.

I didn't realize that Bob Geldof had called for the bogus bids. That's great. Mind you, isn't it against Ebay policy to make fake bids? How do you pull that off without losing your account?

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