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Oysterhead Revisited


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Man I'm sorry I didn't see this post earlier...I fucking LOVED the Oysterhead album. I only have a copy of one show on the tour, it's pretty good but the sound quality isn't the greatest. Do you know Jaimoe where I could get a copy of the Massey Hall show? I say this with absolutely no shame, that show is easily in my top five shows that I've ever seen. BRING BACK OYSTERHEAD, I say! The playing styles of all three guys (though granted Trey has exhibited a great many different playing styles throughout his career) was so well suited to the trio format...as you said in another thread Jaimoe, definately the coolest and most interesting thing to happen in progressive rock in many years.


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that cd has loads of power behind it for just 3 guys.

Agreed ... I don't know that much about the cd recording and mastering process, but whenever I listen to the Oysterhead cd I notice how loudly and clearly it comes through.

Oysterhead is currently one of my son's favourite bands - I put a few tracks from The Grand Pecking Order onto a mixed cd for him. Having said that, Deep Banana Blackout's "Rowdy Duty" has been getting more play time lately. Nyell loves hearing Fuzz play guitar.

Peace, Mark

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hey Weirdness, would it be tough to get a torrent going for that show? I'll leech away and promise to keep seeding for a couple of days.

I'd happily do the same. Short on disk space over here, haven't downloaded torrents actively in over a year, but would gladly make some room for that show.

Also, I used to use Furthurnet a lot and, while I hadn't used it in a long time, I found a whole stash of temp folders, some shows with 2 and a half completed songs, other random shit. Wiped that off and it freed up almost 5GB :D

So yeah, bring on the torrent! Please :D

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Doing a torrent is a possiblilty, but I've got a Denson show from Buffalo last week in line first. Only other issue is that the master was done on a standalone burner and may have "sector boundry" issues meaning that apparently you may hear pops at the beginning of some of the tracks. The alternative is doing another master as single tracks, reading them into the computer, splitting the tracks there, then FLACing the thing up which is way too much work at present.

...far as MMW goes Blane, I am going to be hitting up Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal, so I will definetely be bringing the rig. No Phish, no Slip, gotta hit up the Medeski shows...

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