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I am going to Korea!


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Hey everyone, Well, I am leaving for Korea in a few days, probably by next weekend I will be living in Seoul!

I don't know how many of you knew this but I'm really going to miss everyone like crazy and the excellent music too!!

I'll definatly be on the boards to say hi and see what shows I am missing..

Hope to see most of U soon..


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Anyong hassayo!!!

I really have been looking for a Korean hookup for soju. It's a kind of alcohol that is popularly sold in drinkin-boxes. If I send you money, will you send me soju? It's totally legal to mail it, I've had three different connections over the years.


Hope you like kimchi!!!

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Hey Sarah -- this is great news!

I'm sure you'll have an awesome time. It's really humbling & enlightening to live full-on in another culture (or as full on as you can).

Some unsolicited advice -- do make local friends and do your best to avoid spending all your time with other foreigners.

I'd sure enjoy reading the occasional post of your thoughts and experiences. Please do visit us here!!!!

wishing you all the best and looking forward to your stories!


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hey sarah --- i'm moving to seoul too eh! i'm planning on flying over there at the end of july or more likely start of august. ya!! lets keep in touch, maybe we can get some bands over there, hehe. (it IS one of the ten biggest cities in the world after all).

have you landed a job yet? (assuming you're going there to teach anglais that is?) i'm working on it right now.

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... soju...

Yes! And frighteningly expensive this side of the pond. You could make a killing im-/exporting it.

It does have a real appeal. We had a Korean student years back, here in Toronto, who broke up with his girlfriend and was buying rounds of the stuff at a Korean bar around Christie to abate his homesickness. Then he got the bill at the end of the night (in the upper hundreds of dollars). Luckily it's a terrific intoxicant, so he wouldn't have to carry the memory of signing off on the tab.

I'm envious of your move, and adventure. You won't need to be told to have a great time, but have a great time!

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I'm gonna miss ya Sarah!

I can't tell you how just crossing paths with you in our neighbourhood can brighten my day so.

This will be a great experience for you - be sure to keep in touch and let us all know how things are going.

Have safe travels my friend!

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mmm...Soju. Getting drunk out of a drinking box is fun. I think the taste is deplorable and the packaging wonderful

When you ship Velvet the Soju could you throw in a couple hundred pounds of Kahlbi (short ribs cut crosswise)? I could live off those fucking things.


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after reading this I feel like I'm gunna cry!

I'm going to miss you all sooooo much!!

Kev, Yes I would love to meet up in Seoul. I already have a job there! Teaching english!

Scottieking, thanks for that advice!! :D I don't know any korean and now I do :D

Velvet, I can totally send you Sojo! pm me if you like!!

Marco, Ditto! :D

I am leaving on the 26th... man, what a crazy and surreal feeling!

Hopefully I will see some of ya'll at wassabi tonight!!!

Sarah :D

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