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You can't list a band for the festival unless you put pen to paper...

Obviously you can't fully promote them, but I'm talking about saying "here's who we are waiting on and hoping for" There can't be anything really wrong with that.

The AMMF last year (the one where the promoter ran off with money) was promoting the show on their homepage with bands that had never confirmed. Keller Williams had to put a notice on his website that said "I am not even playing that festival". Obviously that would be a very bad.

There must be a tactful way of drumming up some excitement without saying for sure who's coming.

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witf (where in the fu©k) did you learn that expression? witf (what in the fu©k) does that even MEAN?

Hehe. And you can teach how to get drunk, get fired from the police force become a... lousy trailer park supervisor that sucks, hangs around with a fuckin' idiot that doesn't wear a shirt and looks like a dick but thinks he looks good... 101.

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Imagine the bitching that would ensue if Evolve said we're trying to sign The Slip (for lack of a better example) and then they didn't deliver? Wait until it's confirmed please.

That I can imagine ;)

But what if D.J.(insert stupid name here) can't make it? what then?

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Steve Kimock:

For more than 25 years, guitarist Steve Kimock has astounded audiences with his soul-stirring sound, extraordinary creativity, and unparalleled mastery of his instruments. A relentless innovator, Kimock’s passion for defying musical boundaries has earned the respect of musicians and fans alike, and he is widely considered one of the music world’s most talented improvisational guitarists.

Kimock’s compositions and playing style are truly unique, drawing upon a variety of styles, from blues to folk, jazz to Indian, African to psychedelic rock. His illustrious tone is distinctive and his sound is unmatched- the result of endless experimentation with customized equipment, amplification and speaker design.

Recently referred to as "The Guitar Monk" by Relix Magazine, Kimock’s relentless pursuit of ‘Zen and the art of guitar’ has often been a defining aspect of his career. Kimock, renowned for his musical mind, paints vivid narratives through inspiring instrumental compositions. His infectious melodies feature scenarios of roaring exploratory highs leading into sweet and sonic whispers, recognized as Kimock's trademark. He is known for drawing visions from within and leaving interpretation to the listener. His peerless ability to coax words and phrases from his fret board is among the hallmarks of his success, drawing audiences nationwide.

Kimock’s musical venture began at the age of 12 in the steel town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Resisting the usual trappings of a "normal" life, Kimock dedicated himself to the guitar, practicing tirelessly from sunrise to sunset each day. In high school, Kimock agreed to show up daily on one condition: that he could sit in the hallway and hone his craft. Over the years, Kimock’s devotion to guitar and refusal to conform became guiding principles in his musical career.

In the mid-70s, Kimock moved to the San Francisco Bay area to play guitar with the Goodman Brothers, quickly becoming an underground favorite in the Marin music scene. In 1979, after a stint with Martin Fierro in the salsa band the Underdogs, Kimock joined the Heart of Gold Band with Grateful Dead members Keith and Donna Godchaux and drummer Greg Anton.

In 1984, Kimock and Anton founded Zero, which would eventually include John Cipollina, Bobby Vega, Martin Fierro, Chip Roland, Judge Murphy and the legendary lyricist Robert Hunter. Over the next 15 years, Kimock and Zero built a dedicated auidence, recording six albums and drawing a range of performers to play with them, including Merl Saunders, John Kahn, Prairie Prince, Banana, Nicky Hopkins, Howard Wales and Vince Welnick. Over the years, Kimock has continued to play with a litany of headliners- including Bruce Hornsby, Henry Kaiser, The Other Ones, The Allman Brothers Band, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Trey Anastasio, Alphonso Johnson, Warren Haynes, Jerry Joseph, Sonny Landreth, Freddy Roulette, Pete Sears, Jorma Kaukonen, Steve Winwood, Bonnie Raitt and Jerry Garcia, who hailed Kimock as his "favorite unknown guitarist" more than 15 years ago.

Kimock has also assembled an array of critically-acclaimed bands, including Zero, Steve Kimock & Friends and KVHW, one of the most versatile improvisational ensembles to appear in the last two decades. Kimock’s current adventure, the Steve Kimock Band, sets a new standard for small-group improvisation.

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