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upcoming peterborough shows!


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here's what i mustered up surfin around...

june 24 (fri) - hot piss (one-time reunion) @ gordon best theatre

june 25 (sat) - kevo's b-day bash @ my house!

june 30 (thurs) - the spades w/ rick fines @ the whitehouse

july 1 (fri) - tom cochrane & red rider - festival of lights

july 1 (fri) - slips & the high fives (w/ beau dixon) - red dog

july 1 (fri) - the shrimps w/ washboard hank @ the trash

july 4 (mon) - spookey reuben @ grassroots

july 7 (thurs) the spades @ the whitehouse (w/ washboard hank)

july 7 (thurs) patrick walsh & more @ sadlier house

july 7 (thurs) slow nerve action @ red dog

july 13 (wed) old man luedecke @ the spill

july 14 (thurs) frontier index @ the blue room

july 16 (sat) - final fantasy w/ barmitzvah bros @ trasheteria (**)

july 21 (thurs) - cuff the duke (acoustic) @ trash (outdoors, on the patio)

july 21 (thurs) the spades @ the whitehouse (w/ special guest)

july 28 (thurs) the spades @ the whitehouse (w/ special guest)

july 30 (sat) great lake swimmers @ the spill (w/ the blue norther)

every thurs - lotus wight @ the moho

(**) the trash says that this show is with the violinist from the arcade fire, though i can't find anything else to back this up. i know that arcade fire has collaborated many times in the past with the barmitzvah bros -- maybe they are confused on this or maybe its actually true.

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i know there are a few other ones coming up, and i'll add shows to this whenever i find em.

i know that patrick walsh has a couple shows..

more to come.

note: i know there are lots of shows coming that i haven't listed on here.. thats likely cuz i'm not interested in them. i never said it wasn't a biased list! :P

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"Don't want to miss a Hot Piss show..."

If you only knew, Del. Hot Piss were an amazing metal band out of Peterborough around 1999-2000, known for an insane live show. All I can find of them online is this and this. Tom Reader of The Silver Hearts was in Hot Piss, as was Blake Jacobs (The Busboyeez). Too bad they're done for.

lol sorry for the sike on The Slips & The High Fives dudes! I knew that was gonna happen.

Caroline - sounds like a plan!

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'FINAL FANTASY' is indeed Owen from The Arcade Fire. It is a solo project where the violin and peddles are the source of the music. It is extremely creative and unique in my opinion. Something that I believe will stand on it's own without the reference to The Arcade Fire one day soon.

Here is a feature on FINAL FANTASY from pitchforkmedia: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/features/artistprofiles/f/final-fantasy/

Sarah Ruba of Hamilton's FLATT STREET fame on photography duty.

PS: there's a Hamilton show on July 22 with Great Laker Swimmers as well.

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right, thanks dudes, its all coming clear. i was thinking of the short girl with the brown hair from arcade fire when they mentioned a member of arcade fire, as i've seen her play with barmitzvah bros before.

now that you mention it, i'm realizing that i saw final fantasy open for arcade fire in the danforth a few months ago. i'd definitely check him out again, i've never seen anything like it before!

added shows to the list:

- slow nerve action

- washboard hank plays with the spades

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