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True Love Waits


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Heres a link to a DVD with "True Love Waits" on it...its on Pure Live Gigs(just to the thread)

Radiohead / 12.05.95 / Brussels - La Luna Theater

They have a request forum also,I have seen alot of Radiohead taken down from the site due to being mp3 and/or officially released material.

Although the threads (not from the same guy as the DVD) are still there you could probally get contact info,seems like the guy has alot of Radiohead.

[edit to add]

I almost forgot...

Definatley try here:


If your familiar with direct connect...


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Guest Low Roller

What you want to do is go buy the I Might Be Wrong EP. Failing that, there is no "official" version of that song because it changes a bit everytime Thom plays it, so the Bridge School Benefit version is just as good, if not better.

Also, have you checked out etree recently for Radiohead stuff? It's madness! I just downloaded a 1994 accoustic show, which I can't wait to hear.

Radiohead Piazza Castello, Ferrara, Italy

Radiohead RPM Club, Toronto, ON

Radiohead Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA

Radiohead 11.05.1997 Stockholm, Sweden

Radiohead 12/13/94 acoustic

Radiohead Red Rocks Ampitheater Morrison, CO June 20th 2001

Radiohead Sears Theatre, Air Canada Centre - 2000-10-17

Radiohead 2002-07-23 Lisbon, Portugal

Radiohead rh2003-07-05...Montreux Jazz Festival (FM)

Radiohead 12/2/94 (rare!!!)

Radiohead Live @ Earl's Court, UK - 2003-11-26 - (XFM Broadcast)


I haven't heard any of these shows yet!

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Roller: Yeah the “official” live release is the I might be Wrong Ep disc I was referring to that I lost…GREAT disc! As far as all of that stuff on BT, I have ½ maybe more of it and it frickin’ smokes! The montreax jazz fest show and the RPM show are STAND OUTS!

I’m really digging that set from KROQ you posted…killer versions of Lucky, no surprises, there there and follow me around

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