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... and not only that, but shinola is ready for preorders!!!

yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!


SHINOLA BY WEEN-pre-order yours now!

Hey there, we are now accepting pre-orders for "Shinola", the "new" Ween album on Chocodog Records. "Shinola" is a collection of odds, ends, and leftovers from around our studio and contains killer new mixes of a lot of songs that have been floating around the web in really crappy fidelity for a long time. I don't mind telling you that it's a really great record. The album is 12 songs but we are keeping the track listing a mystery. Also, this is the first installment in a series, there will be more of these to come in the future. The record was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss and Ween and it's an ugly one. You really wanna pick this up, I'm not shitting you. This record has been a long time in coming. Click here to pre-order Shinola.

Aaron and I are back in the studio again writing and recording songs for the next Ween record. [color:red][PalacePrincess faints]We don't have any plans yet to do any gigs but that could change very quickly. Right now it feels good to be recording and we both wanna wait until we have a new batch of tunes before we do any kind of tour. We will more than likely be playing some isolated dates this year though. Nothing is concrete just yet but keep checking back with this site for updates. And thanks very much for hanging in there with us. I haven't been updating the site as much because there was little to report, yet I've been getting as many nice emails as ever and for that I thank you. Hopefully "Shinola" will satiate your desire for some new Ween material, even though it's mostly old.

Other than that, the Moistboyz album is finished and is coming out in August on Sanctuary Records along with the first albums packaged as one disc. It is a really good record and I can't wait for it to drop. We are booking dates for this summer and will probably be touring America on or around the release date. It is called MOISTBOYZ IV. Please check out www.moistboyz.com for more info and tourdates.


i just ordered my copy of shinola too, i am so excited!!!! the cover art is fricken rad:


:D oh happy day!!!!:D

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