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jimmy buffett, amphitheatre set list


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6/13/05 - Toronto, Canada View or Post Comments About This Show

Hot Hot Hot/Survivor Theme

1. Piece of Work

2. Stars on the Water

3. Hey Good Lookin'

4. Holiday

5. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

6. Come Monday

7. Diamond as Big As The Ritz

8. Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street

9. License To Chill

10. The Horizon Has Been Defeated

11. Volcano

12. Brown Eyed Girl


13. Why Don't We Get Drunk

14. La Vie Dansante

15. Lighthouses

16. Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous Danser (With Lennie Gallant)

17. Southern Cross

18. School Boy Heart

19. A Pirate Looks at 40

20. Last Mango In Paris

21. One Particular Harbor

22. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

23. Margaritaville

First Encore

25. Fins

26. Scarlet Begonias

Final Encore

27. Helpless

for those who missed it, theres always next time! this was my first jimmy show, and if I have anything to do about it, it WONT be my last!!!

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I didn't see any tapers, but you never know. I didn't get closer than the 200s.

Wow! What a night! :D Thanks for the setlist! What a sloppy night. It was my first Buffett show and I would definitely go again. All of the Parrotheads were just lovin' it. Everyone seemed so animated (or at least I was). I didn't even find my Orillia posse until after the show. :o The sing-a-long to Scarlet Begonias & Helpless from the lawns at the end of the night will be one of my favourite concert memories forever. So good to have the Yankees make it up for a weekend of parties and sangria at Casa Mousey. I can't say it will be my most memorable concert (and I owe that to those frickin' coolers which I swear have trace amounts of roofies in them), but it was a hoot! It was over so quickly though. One minute I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed, checking out the scene, and the next I'm shmashdown drunk and dancing on the top of some stranger's pickup truck with my rowdy friends. LMAO! Oh, and there was also that incident of drinking a beer on the way home. I tried to pass it off as a Pepsi, but the officer wasn't buying it. :)

I just keep wondering what was going through my poor Lacey's head when he came to get rescue me at a friend's house at 2:30 in the morning (reeking of gin, covered in sticky, Toronto sweat and wearing a bunch of pink leis no less). Man, what a night!

Deb, you were right about the home video aspect *yawn*.

grateful_dave, what about Cheeseburger In Paradise? I'm sure cjamson and I didn't hallucinate that one. LOL

Edit to add: Oh yeah, and what about Buffett's Beauties? Holy smokes! Those mamas were on fire. Meow!!!

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I forgot to write about the super hot chicks.
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