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OK,who is all coming out ???I have never seen Doug Fever with the eggmen.How are they?Paisly,Esau?Are you guys going??

They really are a great band,all local musicians & all extremely talented.Expect it to be loud & fun,it usually is, no matter where I have seen them play.Also,the crowd that shows up is really great.

As far as I know the line up is this:

Doug Feaver - Guitar,harmoica,vocals

Steve Sinnicks - drums,vocals

Shelley Woods (Killjoys) - bass,vocals

?? - guitar

Sadly I forget the name of the other guy in the band.

I'm not sure if I'll be down there tonight though,sorta made some plans already with a couple friends.But I assure you if you like Doug Feaver & the Beatles you won't be disappointed.

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Thanks Brodie,I did know that at one time but today I couldn't even remember what band Shelley was in before...LOL


Not really,they play things pretty much in normal speed.He does afterall have three other people that have to keep up with him.They do like it loud though...

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