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Backbacon adventure


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That was a very exciting moment of the weekend.

Old & In the Gray had just performed. It was certainly a breathtaking performance. Everyone was milling around and relaxing, waiting for hookah's show and out walked David Grisman to the fence by the stage that separates backstage from the crowd. So there is actually a small snow-fence separating us.

I handed my disposable camera to my friend I was talking to and asked her to take my picture with David. I waited close by for David to sign a record for someone and when he was done asked if I could get a photo with him. Seemingly rushed, he said "who's taking it?", so he knew which direction to look. I was motioning to my friend with my disposable, when up walks Stu Dog. "This guy right here" I said and totally switched directions.

So yeah, I have another angle of David and myself that I need to get developed still!


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Ya what a fantastic weekend…..

So many highlights for me and that was defiantly one I will never forget ! I shot so many pics I thought my camera was going to break --- on stage, backstrage, front, front row, good thing stu dog has soft hands.. Couldn’t of spent the few days at hookahvillle with a better bunch of cats,

Thanks blair, mud, bacon, karyen u guys rock I am sure we will do it again !

Well must Call David -- of course we exchanged phone numbers after the picture was taken.

[big Grin]

more pics to come.......

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Originally posted by bouche:

"You should have witnessed the
effort "

hee hee, i think I spelled 'valiant' wrong. [Embarrassed]

Hey Jessica! Missed you guys on the weekend. It was the best one yet! Hope you all had a nice time in IL, was it? What was that festival called?


Originally posted by schwa.:
"I was over at the Swifty's last night and we brought up the same point. Sober? At Hookahville? Bravo K, bravo."

Okay, I've turned over a new leaf. Get over it, already! [big Grin]

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