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I'm in a goofy mood...


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It never ceases to amaze me at how base farting humour is still universally the funniest thing.... at any age.

...for men. :P

I beg to differ... I have seen many-a :blush: women laugh pretty hard during many-a farting incidents... on this board even.

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That reminds me of Booche at the office, only people tend to walk in after I have left a naaaaaaasty Grolsch bomb.

The looks on some of my clients are priceless.

If I ever have to see my boss over it, trust me in that it will have been worth it.

"Mr Manager, your employee drops bad farts"

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from the comments section:

(I suggest not going to the comments section trying to find any more useful posts! :o)


Im swedish and the anchor is swedish ;) and i can translate what she says. On swedish ; "nu är de slut för denna veckan men ni ser oss på måndag igen, Hej då *the fart* nej men gud va har ja ätit, herregösses." and on english "Thats all for this week, but you will see us at monday again, byebye *the fart* But god what have i eaten. Oh my god " ...

Submitted by: J_AGREN at 6/21/2005 1:59:17 PM


ANCHOR WOMAN FARTS ON THE AIR 6/17/2005 - A Sweedish anchor woman lets one rip during a live broadcast. For a moment she looks as if she is going try and blame the chair but were not buyin it. Im from Sweden, she doesnt blame the chair. She looks down and says, translated to English, " What have i eaten today". Now you know! :) ...

Submitted by: REHNMARK at 6/22/2005 8:56:28 AM


tee hee... oops. :blush:

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