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Lucky Lager Appreciation!


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I know everyone here has drank it, whether you consciously bought it or were handed one at the end of the night because everything else had been drank. It's cheap, it's pretty good (the best of the cheap beers, as far as I'm concerned) and you can always say you got Lucky the next day...

"Lucky has been quality brewed in the tradition of a classic Canadian lager since 1934.  With no preservatives, only 4.8% alcohol, Lucky is a lighter tasting, easy drinking beer that has stood the test of time."


Let's hear some love for my favorite beverage on the planet! (Now available in cans in Ontario!)

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i wholeheartedly agree - Lucky makes me smile, Del. When it's warm it's nothing special, but it's hard to beat an ice cold Lucky Lager.

cheap doesn't mean crappy. just try Sleeman Honey Lager...that stuff's pricy and it's nothing special. it's just a bit exotic to people that like Coors Light.

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