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Survey: What's your most used conjunction?


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Ok, you got me too on the "conjunction, function" theme. Pushed out that dancing cheese wheel guy that Family Guy managed to resurect tonight... also from those mid-seventies saturday mornings. I'm not so sure that was Sesame St. though I think they just used that during commercial breaks to "educate" us.

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'Schoolhouse Rock'. Thrown in among the ads during Saturday morning cartoons.

I'm going off on a tangent here, but where can you see the old 'Loony Tunes' with Bugs and Elmer?

Yep...just throwing out the name.

I watch the Bugs Bunny & Tweety show on Teletoon in the AM during the week.They show alot of the old ones.

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"I'm just a bill, yah I'm only a bill, and I'm sittin' here on Capitol Hill..." Classic!!!

Where would we be now without Schoolhouse Rock?

"Lolly lolly lolly , get your adverbs here

Got a lot of lolly, jolly adverbs here.

Anything you need and we can make it absolutely clear..."

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The guy who wrote and sang most of the Schoolhouse Rock stuff hosts Sunday brunch every weekend at the Iridium in NYC.

Remember that dude that tried to get us to eat healthy? The roundish guy who spent a lot of time in the fridge. I remember the line, "don't make a face before you taste it, some kids think it's great."

What was that affiliated with? It wasn't Sesame, I wonder if it was connected to Schoolhouse Rock?

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My favourite conjunction, especially when I get on a rant, is 'furthermore'. (though I'm kinda unclear whether it's a conjunction or a transition word. Dave would know -- he actually wears the grammar pants in the family!!

btw, awesome link Brad -- now I can sing the whole song!

I teach the "FANBOYS" to my students. No, they're not Madonna's backup singers, they are in fact.....?

any guesses?

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