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anyone seen 70VP ?? care to discuss?

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i was there...

i went in never hearing a note of 70VP ...and thinking that all the hate i was hearing was just PT nonsense...

i figured it was gonna be a fun show and was super excited to see trey's new band.

so i went with a pretty good attitude...

i left early.

my thoughts on 70VP are these:

that band has no presence...at all.

trey seemed to me like he was forcing every note

i've never heared such full sounding music sound so bland and empty.

the entire time i was there it was pretty much a flatline


i really don't see trey in the same light as i use to.

the one thing that boggles my mind is this;

is the band to lazy to practice?? does trey have writers block? why the bland covers man?? they are a cover band of a cover band.

if phish is a delicious cold beer, and TAB is a delicious light beer... 70VP is the shwill laying around on my coffee table from the kickin party the night before.

ouch ...harsh.... i dunno .maybe the band needs some work...

but i really don't see this being the premiere act everyone hopes it is ... the band just doesn't have that UMPH! ...i guess we'll all see.

but thats what i thought...

call me negative...but those are my true feelings.

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i just got one of the shows, its okay, some of its real good, some if its real bad, it is what it is, treys new band, so if you like trey you might dig it, i didnt dig the new drummer, i like the old trey band to be honest, but ray is fucking great on the keys

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I saw them in Cincinnati in May and I thought Trey and the band were on fire! Ray's sound on the clav was amazing and full of energy. I agree that the early shows on this tour were a little rough at times but after they were in the middle of the run they seemed to get their shit together. I had a blast and can't wait to see them on the next tour.

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I would suspect that this band dosen't sound as together, polished or as charged as oither Trey solo project due to the lack of Tony "The Meatman" Markelis on bass and Russ Lawton on drums.

Those two guys have been Trey's rhythm section since he first went solo (not including surrender tot he air) as atrio with them in '99.

You can build a strong house on a shaky foundation.

...just a thought.

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If I remember correctly so many of the arguements against Trey's new band were being thrown around when he first added horns to TAB. On that first tour he did with the horn section there was constant complaining that the new musicians were not up to Trey standards, were holding the band back, and that the jams sounded too often sounded forced.

It seems to me that Trey is a guy who likes to work out the kinks with his off-shoot bands on the road. I haven't heard 70VP yet. I downloaded the Bonnarro set and will listen to it soon. I am sure there will be parts I like and don't like was well as parts that I find to be interesting if not yet successfully pulled off. I will not however, leave feeling that what I heard was the end-all and be-all of 70VP.

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here's my 70VP photos

i saw the first 2 shows. first show was awful but the second show was 10 times better. the lack of practice(they only practiced three night before the first show)and trey controlling all aspects of the band in my opinion made it hard for the other musician to really find there grove.

although i have to say that watching trey sound check with me being the only person sitting in the whole theater was a career highlight for me.

note: trey is a very nice person

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