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Wassabi and 'what the thunder said' this Thursday in Guelph


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Maybe July 8th @ Van Gogh's buddy.

We miss you doing the worm across the floor while Laurie "Robots" herself mental.

You're awesome!


PS Events in this post may be a complete lie. Except WTTS in Guelph on July 8th @ Van Gogh's for dirt cheap.

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Yeeeeehhh frickin haw!!!

That was a blast.

this was our first chance to play on the Vinyl Stage in Guelph and it was big fun.

We hada great time opening up and I think we held our own, managed to get a few dancing b4 Wassabi took the stage and on a personal note I had so much fun playing with the boys and sharing our sound.

We sold a couple of CDs, met some nice people, and got a lot of positive feedback.

Special thanks to Burtman2 for making the trip from Toronto to catch us. Much appreciated buddy!

It was my first time seeing Wassabi and I had a great time dancing to their relentless grooves. Not a bad Thursday all in all.


Our set




El Camino

Don't Rush Me

d minor (3 Blocks) (Tentatively named)


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