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put all of your music on random...


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i'm sure everyone has done this and theres plrobably already a thread too, but here goes anyways. put all your (PC)music on random and post the first 10 songs you get...


here goes.

-explosions in the sky - remember me as a time of day

-ween - little birdy

-modest mouse - the stars are projectors

-the mars volta - eunuch provocateur

-john mclaughlin - binky's dream

-death cab for cutie - sound of settling(live in TO)

-jeff beck w/ the jan hammer group - earth

-the tony williams lifetime - where

-pavement - unfair

-the velvet teen - counting backwards

goodie goodie gumdrops

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good idea!

Great Lake Swimmers - Bodies & Minds

Phish - The Name Is Slick (from The Siket Disc)

BA Johnston - Western Sandwich

The Slip - Before You Were Born (from Alive Acoustic)

The Prince Brothers - Lake of Bays

Do Make Say Think - All Of This Is True

Jimmy Swift Band - Two Hands On The Wheel

The Beatles - The Long & Winding Road

James McKenty - Junk Mail Harmony

Bright Eyes - No Lies, Just Love

not too shabby.

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Etsi Shon - Jerry Alfred

Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) - Woody Guthrie & Martin Hoffman

Arapho - The Gourds

You don't know my mind - Leadbelly

Old Home Place - The Dillards

Wagon Wheel - OCMS

The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band - Hylo Brown

Paul & Silas - Carl Story

Gospel Plow - Bob Dylan

Hard Travelling - Ramblin' Jack Elliot

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Johnny Cash- Personal Jesus (fuckin' funny)

Matisyahu- Father in the Forest

Pink floyd- the Scarecrow

Daniel Johnson- Good Morning to You

John Spencer BX- Train #2

jimi hendrix- You got me floatin'

Ween- Tick

Boards of Canada- The Beach at Redpoint

Tom Waits- Clap Hands (live in 1987)

Nick Drake- impromptu soundcheck

Nary a jamband. Interesting.

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Naive Melody - The Arcade Fire

Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead

Isis - Bob Dylan

Tiny - Phish

Summer - Modest Mouse

I'm A Gabber Baby - DHT

Breakline - nero

Barnacles - Ugly Casanova

Real Muthafuckin' G's - Eazy-E

Sugar In The Gourd - High On The Hog Band

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Bill Frisell - Closer

Elton John - Funeral & Love Lies Bleeding

David Wolfenburger - From A Field

Public Enemy - Lost At Birth

The Rheostatics - Candian Dream

Bow Wow Wow - Where's My Snake

Grateful Dead - In The Midnight Hour

Mano Negra - Sidi H' Bibi

Frank Zappa - The Black Page #2

The Cars - Don't Cha Stop

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schism - tool

under african skies - paul simon

my heart is strong like a forest ranger - 2 minute miracles

2 kindsa love - jon spencer blues explosion

ova da wudz - outkast

tombstone shadow - ccr

they ran - my morning jacket

my mathematical mind - spoon

incident at 66.6 FM - public enemy

three in one - lee scratch perry and the upsetters


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Saint Simon - the Shins

Come in Alone - My Bloody Valentine

Don't Forget Me - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tumblin' Down - Paul Reddick and the Sidemen

Don't Know Why - Norah Jones

Jack-Ass - Beck

Bad Timing - Blue Rodeo

Brian & Robert - Phish

World On a String - Neil Young

Don't Blame Yourself - the New Deal

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boy named sue-johnny cash

love shack-the b52's

what i say-ray charles

sargeant pepper's lonely hearts club-bill cosby (thanks brad!!)

stella blue-grateful dead

country squall-willie p bennett

sweet georgia brown-django reinhart

short people-randy newman

russian lullaby-jerry garcia band

scarlet/fire-grateful dead

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Greatest hits-Sublime

Ramble on rose-The dead

Can't you hear me knockin-The Stones

Sir pscho sexy-RHCP

marlena-The Slip

Money Worries-Bedouin Soundclash

Norwegian Wood-The beatles

Kill all the whiteman-nofx(didnt even realize i stil owned this..)

Illegal Smile-John Prine

Nero-Beaver Carcass

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My mp3s at work edition:

"Okayalright", moe.

"On The Air", Peter Gabriel

"I'm On Standby", Grandaddy

"An Open Letter to NYC", Beastie Boys

"Purple Rain", Kevin Breit & Sisters Euclid

"Bloodstains", Agent Orange

"Damnation", Morbid Angel

"Five Years", David Bowie

"Saturn", John Coltrane

"Star", David Bowie

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Guest Low Roller

So far I like Del's list the best, followed by MK's, AD's, and Blane's.

Here's my list:

1. Split Open And Melt (live, 06/25/95)- Phish

2. Spectacle- Velvet Revolver

3. No Leaf Clover (live)- Metallica & San Fran Philharmonic

4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You- Led Zeppelin

5. Shaman's Blues- The Doors

6. Eastwest- Kruder & Dorfmeister

7. Further Away- Manic Street Preachers

8. Climbing Up The Walls (live, Copenhagen 2000)- Radiohead

9. 2+2=5 (live, 11/27/03 London)- Radiohead

10. Little Wing (live, 1970)- Derek and The Dominoes

FUN FACT: I have around 20 days worth of music on my computer.

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Guest Low Roller

Aw hell, I'll keep going for another ten. I'm sitting in front of a computer anyways.

1. Gone Daddy Gone (live)- Violent Femmes

2. The Skins- Scissor Sisters

3. Exit Music (live, 11/19/97 NYC)- Radiohead

4. Lightning Song- Queens Of The Stone Age

5. Drunk As A Monk (Rabbit in the Moon Mix)- Banco De Gaia

6. I Don't Believe You- Bob Dylan

7. When The Going Gets Tough- '!!!' (Chk Chk Chk)

8. Just Looking- Stereophonics

9. Stay Another Season- The Avalanches

10. Overture (live)- The Who

Edited by Low Roller
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1. Drifting Along - Jamiroquai

2. San Franciscan Nights - Eric Burdon & the Animals

3. She Smiled Sweetly - Rolling Stones

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

5. Say You Miss Me - Wilco

6. Wild & Free - Curtis Mayfield

7. Groove In Green - Addison Groove Project

8. Forever In Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond

9. Superstition - Stevie Wonder

10.Build A Harmony - Peter Elkas

Wow! Not one sample from a live show. Stupid, work-friendly office computer.

Low_Roller, I've been listening to A LOT of old Femmes in the past week or so. Gone Daddy Gone is a classic. I forgot how much I love those guys.

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if lowroller get to do another 10 then so do i :D

elliott smith - no name #3

minus the bear - the pig war

drums and tuba - topolino

sea and cake - all the photographs

omar rodriguez lopez - dramatic theme

JFJO - Santiago

Minus the Bear - El Torrente

Pixies - Gigantic

Do Make Say Think - our man in havana

GD - terrapin station

now that is a righteous mix.

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Guest Low Roller

Fuck, you guys are in the luck because I am in the sauce and in the groove. Ten more:

1. Light My Fire- The Doors

2. Time Began With The Universe- Astral Projection

3. Me And Giuliani Down By The School Ground- '!!!' (Chk Chk Chk) <-- perfect example of where GTB should go with their sound

4. Intergalactic- Beastie Boys

5. Tame- Pixies

6. Sexual Healing (live)- Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals

7. No Vivire- Gypsy Kings

8. I Am The Resurrection- The Stone Roses

9. The Sorcerer- Hancock, Brecker, Hargrove

10. Seat Of My Pants (live)- moe.

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4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

isn't that an amazing song? stuart maclean plays it a lot...perfect music for a sunday afternoon :)

i love random setting on all of my musical devices. i have zillions of hours of music and spoken word on my mac at work (i'm amazed i got 10 tunes in a row with no talk :) ) the car CD player was the best, 10 cd's on shuffle...sometimes you just get totally in the groove of what the universe is throwing you.

good thread!!

Edited by Guest
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1. you came along - joel plaskett

2. secret red canoe - martin tielli

3. take a beetle to the badlands - the slip - 03.21.01

4. hyacinth blues - the constantines

5. non-believer - joel plaskett

6. umm, track 7 - kaki king - 06.09.05

7. barbara ann - the beach boys

8. and it stoned me - van "the jumpsuit" morrison

9. cheap town - nq arbuckle

10. polar opposites - modest mouse

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  • Spirit of Radio - Rush
  • King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown - Augustus Pablo
  • Twelve Tribes of Israel Dub - Linval Thompson
  • A Gentle Dissolve - Thievery Corp
  • Soup of the Day - Old Blind Dogs
  • Truth Don' Die - Femi Kuti
  • Seven Bridges Road - Eagles
  • One - Metallica
  • Silly Putty (Stanley Clarke Cover) - Primus
  • Give It Away - RHCP

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  • Seven Bridges Road - Eagles

Now there's one that takes me right back to high school. I actually performed this one with 3 girls for a variety show (Many Moods of Music for you Bluevalians out there).

I've had my songs on random play since this morning. Managed to start the day with this

  • The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother (This one won't leave my head alone)
  • Marvin Gave - Without You My World Is Lonely
  • Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side
  • Ramones - Indian Giver
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - Forever Loving Jah
  • Frank Zappa - The Gumbo Variation
  • Cypress Hill - When The Ship Goes Down
  • Sex Pistols - No Lip (Didn't even know I had this)
  • Grateful Dead - Samson To Lay Me Down Pt 1
  • Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet

Random is cool :)

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Keep Her While She's There - The Del McCoury Band

Bunkhouse Theme - Bob Dylan

Going, Going, Gone - Bob Dylan

Walkin' Boss - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Pilgrim Chapter 33 - Kris Kristofferson

Rank Strangers To Me - Albert Brumley

Gimme Back My Fifteen Cents - Doc Watson

I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash

Wagon Wheel - OCMS

Romance At The Refugee Cafe - Steve Murphy

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I just let'er play on the work laptop...

It's the Sun - Polyphonic Spree

Build A Harmony - Peter Elkas

Time Of Your Life - Matt Mays + El Torpedo

Back Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye - The Black Crowes

You Came Along - Joel Plaskett

Wind Chimes - Brian Wilson

Poor Boy - Steve Earle

Hammock Soliloquy - John Scofield Trio

Effervescence - Nero

King of the Past - Rheostatics

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