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i love so says i.

i remember watching garden state & thinking "wow, i really want to hear more of that band!"

natalie portman was right, they are the best. haha.

but yeah, that just went on the mental "to do" list and i all but forgot about them.

then, out of the blue one day, i saw this band performing on an old rerun of gilmore girls. (the episode where rory goes on spring break -- the shins are playing at the club they go drinking at). well, that was it, i was like "who is THIS? i *have* to find out, i freaking love this song (so says i), they are amazing!!!!!!". and what do you know, it was the shins!

btw, during that SAME gilmore girls episode, a ween song is played (it's gonna be a long night is playing when they arrive at the resort). um hello, like i needed another reason to convince myself that gilmore girls is only the most awesome show ever!

anyway, back to the shins.


and i really, really hope i get to seem them live someday. they are apparently working on their next album. and all you lucky vegoose fuckers are gonna get to see them. AND ween. gad!

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left something out, okay?! do you have a freaking problem with that?! mwa mwa love to you
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