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i'm finally leaving for van


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Yup, I'm getting on my bus Wednesday, June 22nd for my move to Vancouver.

I look forward to the times ahead and appreciate the times I've had.

I have met so many great people around these parts that have enriched my life in one way or another and I'm glad to have known those that care to make a difference in their own way.

I hope to do my part and perhaps you'll hear about my escapades sometime shortly.

Keep well. I'm going to be intermittently disconnected

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Guest Low Roller
Too bad about the timing: you'll miss Moses Mayes and Kobayashi tomorrow night at Mavericks

You know, if the guy decided to pack up and move by himself across the country, he probably has bigger things to worry about than some bar bands. ;)

Good luck man!

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thanks everybody. I expect that my trip to vancouver and my stay in vancouver will be filled with good times and positive learning experiences.

Julia - No worries about the movies, I've been busy too.

Dancin' Man - I'd love to see you out in Vancouver (or wherever i wind up in the future) - you're definitely not afraid to enjoy yourself

Bouche - I know we didn't get to jam enough but mixed schedules happen to us while we're trying to enjoy life...or something like that...hold onto my Shark until I need it. I hope you enjoy it and can use it enough. you told me 'it makes me wish i had a compressor'...well now you do...for now...

Kaidy - I'm hoping to hit up freeflow the first night I'll be in town...might get there a bit late as the bus rolls in at 20:50 - AND I need to get my stuff to my buddy's place, and run around a whole lot...shoulda left earlier today but it'll be interesting to see how it works.

Low_roller - you're hilarious and far too correct. I think Moses Mayes is a load of fun but they play more west than east of Winnipeg...and as far as Kobayashi - i hear they're awesome but glad to not know what i'm missing.

\/\/illy - you'll be hearing from me.

thanks for the warm wishes everybody. I don't think I can accurately describe in words how much your words mean to me.

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If you miss Freeflow don't worry, they play like twice a month in town - they are definately a great show. Moses Mayes has only been here twice in the last few years, but they are here again on July 15th.

If you need any help with Vancouver stuff (info, directions, advice etc.) send me an email or post here. G'luck!

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