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My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don't Love Jebus...


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My dear Ms. Huxtable,

I would never joke about something like that. End of the first set was "Two Miles of Bad Road" one of the best I've ever heard and by the end of the tune he only had two strings left. What that boy can do with two strings is more than most of us clinkers can do with six....

I don't know what to put up for a sample of last night...Two Miles, Coldplay's "In My Place", the encore of Po' that segue's into Galveston...

It was just sick sick sick...

There'll be a small package arriving in O-Town hopefully by the end of this week and I'll have to pack a copy of last night in for you and Bouche to go with the Ottawa show...

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

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