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Charity/School/etc that could use old PC's


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Our brokerage just upgraded some computers, and are looking to 'give away' five old pc's.

they range from P1's to PIII's...obviously could give someone some help...

anyone know of any credible agencies, board of educations, or something of the sort that could really USE these computers...

i'm sure i could find someone who'll take them, but i'd like to think someone out there could really use/need them...

maybe a charity that gives to poor families with kids in school...

they aren't the best computers, but certainly could run something simple...

they are all formatted, with no operating systems on them, but have video and sound cards (or onboard)...



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Hi Secondtube,

My family is involved w/ a charitable organization called "Romero house" that helps refugees in our community. They are always looking for new computers and would for sure be interested - - my folks in fact just dropped off one today to them!

Here's a link to some info on the charity...

If you're interested, I can arrange to pick them up.




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Just wanted to add, if you find another organization that could use them as well, totally use your judgement as to what you'd like to donate to. I don't want to pressure you into this charity simply b/c I was the first post to respond. :)

So - if there are other folks out there that are interested / have deserving causes, please post as well. It's always great to see any help going to a good cause.

ST - If you do end up being interested I think the info that the charity would need on their end would be around how much memory is on them & what size are the hard drives. I can take care of getting operating systems installed.

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are you in TO?

if Mary's suggested charity for some reason doesn't want them, and you're simply trying to prevent them from landing in a landfill, then ReBoot --an organization on 136 Geary Ave (behind Dupont and Ossington or thereabouts) will take them, refurbish if necessary and give them to charities.

In addition, you'll get a pretty hefty tax receipt for the donation. Win-win, yes?

ReBoot Canada: 416-534-6017

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I'll take a monitor.

I got one here for you on agreement you remove that picture of yourself that your using for your avatar.

I do have one for ya actually.

Dude, if I had a fine pair of titties like them ones there, I would litterally never leave the house. I'd survive off the milk they produce.

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