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songs that make you cry


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or even songs that make you want to cry. you don't have to be an all out cryer.

Row - Jon Brion <---everyone download this seriously

Butterfly - Weezer

the second(good) half of Layla. from Jim Gordon's piano to the end.

Suffocation Keep - the slips

head and heart - john martyn

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These songs make me a little misty-eyed:

I Will Be There When You Die - My Morning Jacket

Pink Moon - Nick Drake

Little Martha - Duane Allman & Dickey Betts

Mad World - Gary Jules ( from the film Donnie Darko )

Please Be With Me - Cowboy with Duane Allman

Hurt - Johnny Cash

I Still Can't Say Goodbye - Chet Atkins ( if you've seen the concert video with Knofler in the background, then you know why )

5'o Clock Bells - Lenny Breau

Crying - Roy Orbison

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Geez, this is easy - first ten to come to mind:

Golden - Ken Whiteley

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Creole Moon - Dr. John

Go Fishing - Roger Waters

All the Ways I Want You - Bruce Cockburn

Homme Brulant - Bruce Cockburn

Crazy Fingers - Grateful Dead

With This Love - Peter Gabriel

Bella - Santana

Vigil - Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

But I'm sure there's more. Oh, wait -

Dido's Lament - Henry Purcell

(that one is a real threat to the tear ducts, like the embankments in an Alberta spring)

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Songs that have induced the old throat lump from time to time...

The Band - It Makes No Difference

The Band - Tears of Rage

James Taylor - Carolina in my Mind [don't know why, don't even know if the subject matter is particularly sad...something about the chord changes maybe]

That's all I got. Gonna go have a good cry now.

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"The Band - It Makes No Difference"

same here

As well as Guilty - The Blues Brothers (basically, its just John Belushi accompanied by Paul Shaeffer on piano singing a Randy Newman song. Its far too fitting.)

10-01-94 So Many Roads

Because - The Beatles (so damn beautiful)

The Little Drummer Boy

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I had to think about this one - and while there are some recent songs that tug at the heart strings (many GD tunes for sure), there's this one I learned and sang in grade five choir. I almost always broke up over it then, and still do today. I think it was my first glimpse into the utter greed and stupidity of human kind.

(sorry if I've now caused it to get stuck in some heads for the day...)

One Tin Soldier

Listen Children to a story that was written long ago

'Bout a kingdom on a mountain, and the valley folk below

On the mountain was a treasure buried deep beneath a stone,

And the vally people swore they'd have it for their very own.

Go ahead and hate your neighbour,

Go ahead and cheat a friend.

Do it in the name of heaven.

Justify it in the end.

There won't be any trumpets blowin'

Come the judgement day,

One the bloody morning after...

One tin soldier rides away.

So the people of the vally sent a message up the hill,

Asking for the buried treasure, tons of gold for which they'd kill.

Came the answer from the kingdom, "with our brothers we will share

all the secrets of our mountain, all the riches buried there"

Now the vally cried with anger, "Mount your houses, draw your sword,"

and they killed the mountain people, so they won their just reward.

Now they stood beside the treasure on the mountain dark and red,

Turned the stone and looked beneath it, "peace on earth" was all it said.

Go ahead and hate your neighbour,

Go ahead and cheat a friend.

Do it the name of heaven.

Justify it in the end

There won't be any trumpets blown'

Come the judgement day,

ON the bloody morning after....

One tin soldier rides away.

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Standing on the Moon-almost every time I hear it since the day Jerry died.

Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang made me cry a river last week.

SotM - Yes! And of course Black Muddy River...

Nice to know someone else affected by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I think for myself it's bittersweet childhood nostalgia) - Hushabye Mountain always does it for me.

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