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What is wrong with the world?


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This article seriously turned my stomach. Where do you find this crapola? Someone sent me a link to a clip once and told me i'd really like it. It was a man having his salad tossed by a horse. I nearly puked. I hate the fact that people get off on animals. It really really bothers me. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

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I still think the dog wanted it. Just look at those fu©k me eyes.

Bad form Lazlo!! Totally uncalled for on this thread! This article makes me so upset I can't even think straight!!

its strange they seem to make a bigger deal outta the dog rape in the story than the child molestation...

It's true, it's strange for sure, but I'm almost glad because such a big deal is always made about child molestation (and TOTALY justifyably so!!) But people seem to forget about the animals a lot of the time so in a sense it's good that this is being brought to the public for their awareness.

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