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God Made Me Funky makes their hella funky debut this Saturday at Pepper Jack's




God Made Me Funky (GMMF) is the Funky live collective, out of Toronto, Ontario, comprised of a diverse array of musicians ranging from classically trained Jazz artists to street schooled Hip-Hop and RnB vocalists, all of which share the common bond of moving crowds and bringing the Funk in to the next millennium. Consisting of Vocalist - Wayne Tennant (Snow, Eclectic Soul), Rapper - PHATT al (Len, Raggadeath), Keys - Neil Shankman, Bass - Calvin Beale (Jully Black, Ivanna Santilli), Guitar - Oliver Johnson (Ivanna Santilli, Glenn Lewis), Trumpet - Mark Jarvis (Big Rude Jake, Fuzzy Love), Sax - Arthur Kerekes (Monkey), and Drums - Alan Witz (Funky Hi-Life, Millhouse); GMMF has been widely recognized in the Toronto music scene for thier highly energetic and outstanding original music and live remixes of Funk, Soul, RnB, and Hip-Hop classics.

Formed in 1996 GMMF started out as an instrumental Funk fusion experiment. As the bands popularity grew vocalists were added to increase the range of songs the band could cover. Influences such as: Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Sly and the Family Stone, Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, the Roots, and D'Angelo were remixed with a 'new school' sound.

Now, after sharing the stage with such notable artists as Julie McKnight, Herbie Koffman, and Divine Earth Essence; And having played at North By North East, The Beaches Jazz Festival, Canadaian Music Week, countless fundraisers, and club gigs road testing the new original material to great response, GMMF has taken it to the studio. Recording their debut album, titled "God Mad Me Funky". The disc brings the pure musical energy of a live GMMF stage show combined with the superbly funky song writing of the band and lays down original recordings in the new grand tradition of the Modern Funk Movement. The first single "Subway" is set to be released to radio in Spring 2005, with the video shot by Matt Long (Ivana Santilli) @ Action Media; And has been chosen by the Parmelat Group (of Dairy Products) to be featured in their new "Pure Filter Milk" campaign.

As the band tours and introduces itself to its ever growing base of Funkoknots GMMF continues the trend of the forward thinking funksters that funked the world before them.

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