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Pretty much small potatoes in the scope of what the angels put on the street.Shit the asian gangs got busted with 16 million (estimated street value) of E at pearson not long ago.

Living in a city dominated by Hells angel's grown herb (hydro garbage) & the fact it was the nomads chapter it really doesn't bother me at all.I get more worked up by the quiet honest grower who takes their time & supplies kind herb then gets busted & goes to jail for years,opposed to some bikers who would rip off anyone to sell below quality drugs & will be out of jail within a month....

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I know bro...just airing my thoughts on it..as I actually know one of the nomads (not that were buddies or anything) that was busted.

The E was probally DMX (or whatever that crap is called) anyway... ;)

[edit to add]

Actually the guy is classed as an "associate" not a member...

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