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Wassabi tickets?

Lady K

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anyone know where wassabi tickets are being sold?

Shanti baba is sold out

roach o'rama isn't selling them

and rotate this doesn't have the show listed

waiting to get them at the door is risky business...

must i resort to ticket master (do they even sell them??)

anyone know what the deal is?

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I was worried goign to teh show in Hamilton that we wouldn't be there in time for tickets either since the doors opened at 9 and we arrived shortly after 10. When we walked into the Casbah I think there may have been 10 people. Although as the night progressed they had a good amount of people packed in there. I say call the place there playing and maybe reserve tickets if your really worried. Or just show up early and wait around:)

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Yikes! Hahaha! Settle down there kiddies. I don't know where else you can get tickets (Jaydawg?), but with so much going on in Toronto I don't see it selling out as quickly. STILL, get there early to be sure. I just don't think the door is as risky as usual. We've got Moses Mayes at the Gypsy, the Frontier Index CD release party & Pride events all over the place. Chances are good that you'll be Wassabi-ing your ass off...if ya want to.

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