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Spirit Family Reunion
Preservation Pub Speakeasy

1. When The Girls Are Doing Dancing
2. Alright Prayer
3. On That Day
4. I Ain't Got No Home In This World
5. No Seperation
6. Woody Guthrie's America
7. Cold So Cold
8. Take Me Back Anna Lee
9. The Wild Side of Life
10. Give Me Wings

11. Up On Cripple Creek
12. Leave Your Troubles At The Gate
13. I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You
14. 100 Greenback Dollar Bills
15. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
16. Back to My Home
17. Late Last Night
18. Flower Oh Flower
19. When My Name Is Spoken
20. New York Town
21. I'll Find A Way


Spirit Family Reunion:

Nick Panken - vocals, acoustic guitar 
Maggie Carson - vocals, 5 string banjo
Stephen Weinheimer - vocals, bass drum, washboard, tambourine
Peter Pezzimenti - vocals, drums
Jerry "Formerly of Deep Purple" - drums on "Up On Cripple Creek" and tambourine on several tracks

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I've probably posted this a number of times before but even if I havent this is a definite must-watch/feel. It's been my mantra, or muse or whatever, for about 3 years now. This song is heavy. 

I still remember the first time I heard it and will never forget the drive I was on during a Sunday night listening to Strombo via CBC over the airwaves (vote for CBC everytime). Easily my life could have taken a turn off that road and ended it because I was so enthralled in the message being conveyed to me at that moment with the possibility of heading into or off a cliff. Whenever I hear this song, more importantly this version, I immediately recognize how fleeting life is. 

That's the beauty of a killer song.

This will always bring me to my  knees much like Stella Blue offers the same................this shit is legit


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I've been on a steady Detroit rock kick for a good year (its never really gone away; just hibernates from time to time). This hits as hard as the epic

three-round Hagler-Hearns fight. 


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