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Listen'n to this....Non stop


This album is EXCELLENT, every single track.

Iat first i was kinda apprehensive about it, thinking"what is blind melon w/o Shannon?" but WOW this new guy is unbelievable and with the rest of the melon boys backing him they've manged to put out a top notch new album!! i'm hopin for some canadian tour dates soon!!

Get this album you won't be disappointed!!


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Acoustic Syndicate

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Telluride, CO


Source: Soundboard (seeded to Eree by Jeremy Bollinger (BollDogg@aol.com), tapped by Chris Mitchell)

Disc 1

1.Doin' Time



4.Crazy Town-->Neighbors

5.Turn Your Radio On

6.Billy the Kid*

7.Pumpkin & Daisy*

8.Sunlight Falls*

9.Marie St. Laureatte*

10.A Better Place*



13.Cheek to Cheek with the Blues*

14.Baba O'Riley

*with Sam Bush on fiddle

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