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What are you listening to right now?

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Gourds - Blood Of The Ram

psst Kaidy Mae.... ;)

I've just finished listening to Joel Plaskett's album La De Da for the first time.. Initial response: sounds pretty good, but not his best work.

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Hahaha! I'm sure that could be arranged. ;) I find I have to give an album 3 listens (usually under different circumstances) before I feel like I've got my head around it.

No worries if you still dig the others though. There certainly is a sense of nostalgia with the older tunes that sure is hard to replace.

Edit to add: You're right Esau, I can't read today. D'oh!

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Esau was bein' cheeky. ;-)

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Howard Stern from this morning, streaming audio.

I think he's funny abour 50% of the time. It's the sex-charged content I find least entetaining. Haven't heard him for awhile and I think I'm gonna tune away soon, but there ya go.

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I'm listening to that Temple of the Dog CD now. It's a GREAT guitar rock album. Reach Down is really awesome. What I love about revisiting old albums is that I often find a new appreciation for songs I didn't like the first time around. I think this will be in regular rotation for a little bit.

P.S. MarcO, do you have a link for that Stern stream?

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ollie - go here and the Stern stream is under "Arty Fartys House O' Knots".

You may have to download a free player to access the stream - I had to download their "streamer" program.

Sometimes it doesn't work, just so ya know.

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Get Behind Me Satan - The White Stripes

An interesting album. Two filthy nasty delta blues songs, a bluegrass ditty done faithfully to the genre ( Little Ghost ), a few good folk tunes - As Ugly As I Seem being one of their best tunes ever.

This album has already polarized fans. I like it and it is a necessary release.

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Am stuck in this Friday night so am continuing my Phish kick with a killer 4.4. 98 Providence set 2... sonically this is kicking my ass...

radio friendly brother, intense 2001 which all leads to a non radio friendly song because its slow and long....


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Stuck in? Booooooo Bob, booooooooo! Get your sweet self to the Gypsy brother. We will dance again. ;)

What I'm listening to?

Teekens has some crazy Dead vid on. I'm listening to a shaky Jerry voice sing Fire on the Mountain. Still beautiful. :)

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after that crazy Phish set i have now moved onto more craziness...

The Slip

Tonic NYC, NY


Goodness! This puts a smile on my face!

That show is, in my opinion, the best Slip show I have ever heard... Is it your first time hearing it PoG?

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Dick's Picks 35

4 CD set featuring recently unearthed material from the August 1971 tour. The 8/7 show from San Diego is featured in its entirety, as well as all that could be recovered from the 8/24 show in Chicago, IL. Bonus tracks on disc 4 feature more than an hour of highlights from the 8/6 show at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA.


Disc One

San Diego 8/7/71

1 Big Railroad Blues 4:02 (Lewis, Arr. By Grateful Dead)

2 El Paso 5:40 (Robbins)

3 Mr. Charlie 3:44 (McKernan, Hunter)

4 Sugaree 7:24 (Garcia, Hunter)

5 Mama Tried 3:05 (Haggard)

6 Bertha 6:43 (Garcia, Hunter)

7 Big Boss Man 5:39 (Smith, Dixon)

8 Promised Land 3:56 (Berry)

9 Hard To Handle 8:45 (Redding, Jones, Isbell)

10 Cumberland Blues 5:36 (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter)

11 Casey Jones 5:53 (Garcia, Hunter)

12 Truckin' 10:08 (Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter)

Disc Two

1 China Cat Sunflower > 5:28 (Garcia, Hunter)

2 I Know You Rider 5:59 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)

3 Next Time You See Me 4:34 (Harvey, Forest)

4 Sugar Magnolia 6:28 (Weir, Hunter)

5 Sing Me Back Home 10:50 (Haggard)

6 Me and My Uncle 3:39 (Phillips)

7 Not Fade Away > 6:25 (Petty, Hardin)

8 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > 6:10 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)

9 Jam > 4:08 (Grateful Dead)

10 Johnny B. Goode 4:31 (Berry)

Chicago 8/24/71

11 Uncle John's Band 7:12 (Garcia, Hunter)

12 Playing In The Band 5:04 (Weir, Hart, Hunter)

13 Loser 6:09 (Garcia, Hunter)

Disc Three

1 Hurts Me Too 7:48 (James)

2 Cumberland Blues 5:42 (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter)

3 Empty Pages 5:22 (McKernan)

4 Beat It On Down The Line 3:45 (Fuller)

5 Brown-Eyed Woman 4:11 (Garcia, Hunter)

6 St. Stephen > 5:31 (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter)

7 Not Fade Away > 4:08 (Petty, Hardin)

8 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > 8:25 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)

9 Not Fade Away 3:13 (Petty, Hardin)

10 Me and Bobby McGee 6:18 (Kristofferson, Foster)

11 Big Boss Man 4:30 (Smith, Dixon)

12 Brokedown Palace 5:03 (Garcia, Hunter)

Disc Four

1 Good Lovin' 11:37 (Resnick, Clark)

Hollywood 8/6/71

2 The Other One > 8:06 (Weir, Kreutzmann)

3 Me and My Uncle > 3:14 (Phillips)

4 The Other One 6:25 (Weir, Kreutzmann)

5 Deal 5:48 (Garcia, Hunter)

6 Sugar Magnolia 7:01 (Weir, Hunter)

7 Morning Dew 11:29 Dobson, Rose)

8 Turn On Your Lovelight 25:42 (Scott, Malone)

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