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Good times at BONFIRE


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Hello everybody.

I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you to everyone that made this inaugural year of Bonfire a most memorable experience.

We're still working away at wrapping things up, and I had to thank all the fans, bands, volunteers, staff... everyone that made this event come together.

I can't even begin to try listing ALL the things that supercharged my spirit this weekend... but I do have a few things that certainly stood out.

- Five Alarm Funk cruising through the campsite with a megaphone calling everyone out for their Friday night set

- Themasses with Fareed... say no more.

- Friday night's fire ceremony in the rain and all the people steam drying their wet clothes!

- Garaj Mahal playing two, 2 hour sets in the HEAVY rain on Friday night... ending at 3:30 AM with just as many folks partying then as there was at midnight

- Everything all day Saturday as the crowds start to pour in... incredible set after incredible set with Blue Island Trio, Duran Duran Duran, Grames Brothers, Slow Nerve Action, Stephen Franke

- Kindvibes' mouth harp solo into my radio being aired across the grounds

- Blue Quarter's set... WOW! Double bass playing jam action with Olivier & Stephane, Bitou's drum solo!!!!! and that tripped out shit they ended their set with... mind blowing

- Slammin Jack's set from start to finish and the SUPER extended version of 'Lucy'. "Holy Crap!! That was 90 minutes?!!!"

- Saturday's fire ceremony to '2001' and hooking Kindvibes up with a beautiful Larrivee guitar!

- Garaj's MONSTER set on Saturday night and the late-night jam with Garaj MaFive Alarm Funk (among others... Slippy!!) that went till 5 AM!!!!!

- The surprise Acoustic Mayhem set for breakfast on Sunday... was there anyone with an acoustic instrument there that didn't sit in?

- Dark Star's set with a China>Rider & a Scarlet>Fire

- Brickhouse closing out the festival jamming with Slammin's Rich & Jeffrey (plus Slippy again too... I think the Slipster takes the band slut award for the weekend!). That Brickhouse Sunday night closing set was the icing on the cake... so sweet!

- The Spirit of the Rainforest Amphitheatre... my new favourite venue ANYWHERE!!

... and of course all the good friends, new friends, old friends, comical moments, big smiles, hula hoopers... I really couldn't have asked for it to go off any better.

That was a truly magical weekend... and there will DEFINITELY be another Bonfire Music Festival in 2006!!!

Thank you all... we love you and we will see you soon!



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