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2 year anniversary of Young's first Greedale show at ACC 6/23


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Today is the second anniversary of my first (of three) Greendale shows by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

It was June 23, 2003 at the Air Canada Centre, with Lucinda Williams opening the show.

It could very well be my favorite show of that year seeing Young's own little rock opera before the album even came out.

I will never forget seeing the sold out crowd of 16-18,000 people singing the second chorus of "Bandit" performed solo acooustic. It was one of the most powerful concert moments I have ever witnessed, when you think that probably the majority of the crowd had not even heard "Bandit" before. And there you see Neil command the audience by himself with an acoustic guitar to the point where they are singing a song they don't know.

I was happy the show did so well that Young came back in September this time with Emmylou Harris in tow.

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I was at that show.. it was great, one of the best I've been too.

I ended up sitting, with my friends, between 2 families, they didn't like us much by the end of the night. I think we got one of the dads in trouble with his wife. hehe

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hah! i've been listening to greendale most of this week... didnt even realize the anniversary was upon us...

yep, i was there, too... by the 5th song i was preaching to anyone who would listen that this was the best shit happening. i swear, i musta smoked 7 joints with this old burnout who was sitting on the other side of my buddy and his g/f... the g/f was there, so everytime he'd get the pass, with the saddest look on his face he'd throw it my way... but this dude would not stop lighting up! i couldnt think straight, but i didnt need to - Neil owned me. what a production! the cheesy-highschool-esque play going on, snippets of the film, Neil and fucking Crazy Horse! sensory overload! Bandit certainly did some tugging on my heartstrings... dammit, neil..

yeah, up there with the boss and the e-streets as 2 of the best arena shows i've seen. amazing.

sidenote: i believe that show was on a monday, which capped off an amazing weekend of debaucherous times for me... started on the friday going to Wilco, then early saturday morning we road-tripped it to Montreal, taking HWY 7 the bulk of the way, spend a night in the middle of a crazy street party in montreal, then hit the road to ottawa to surprise a friend for lunch, then back to london late sunday nite, slept most of monday, then capped it off with Neil rocking my soul..... ahhhhh, 2 years ago... :)

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damn straight it was! we got there early, and hugged the rail right in front of Tweedy all night. lockin' eyes with that dude when he's pouring his heart out is something else.

Damn guigsy,

I was front row for that concert as well, too bad we didn't meet up that day.

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