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Ottawa Bluesfest


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Click here to go to the Ottawa Bluesfest Forum

I've setup a dedicated forum for the Ottawa Bluesfest this year. I'm hoping to setup a real gallery again, but until I do, there will be miny galleries setup with selected photos to comment on rather than a whole nights worth of pics.

Now I ask a favour. Could everyone who wants to post about blues fest please post in that forum? This will keep all of the bluesfest material together so every year you'll be able to see the evolution and history of the festival.

I'm going to ask the moderator(s) to move any bluesfest posts from the Cavern to the Bluesfest forum.

Also, out of curiosity, please go there now (or later) and post in the role call thread if you plan on going to any or all of bluesfest. I know some people might just be going for the Big Summer Classic.

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I went to the Bluesfest last night, saw WAR and it was a pretty good show. Had a great time.

Let me be the first this year to say..... all lawnchair people may as well stay at home and watch TV.

There was a guy there last night in front of us, while WAR was playing some real groovy tunes, sitting in his lawn-chair reading the frickin' newspaper!

People behind us, sitting in lawn chairs, told me and my friends to sit down, they couldn't see!

Thanks for letting me have my annual "no lawnchairs at the bluesfest" rant.

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No Keller? anyone hear this.. the Bluesfest line-up no longer lists him as playing:

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

T.B.A. Summer Music Festivals Help Feed the Hungry

6:05 pm Umphrey's McGee

7:10 pm Xavier Rudd

8:00 pm The String Cheese Incident

9:45 pm Michael Franti & Spearhead

this is shitty..real shitty...

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He's still playing, only he's been moved to the Black Sheep Stage...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

6:15 pm C.R. Avery

7:10 pm Keller Williams

8:25 pm Buck 65

9:45 pm RJD2

I wish he was still playing the Main Stage and Xavier Rudd was playing the Black Sheep Stage, but what are you going to do...

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