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You wake up..its a sunny day..feelin good..what tune/tunes do u put on??


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Ha, laughing as a memory has bubbled up. A while back I worked in Tortola. Well, I was working/living in paradise but had left a group of great friends...

I had only been on the islands for two days and was in Roadtown picking up some supplies and stopped in to Pusser's for some morning breaky. Nothing like scarfing down ham n' eggs and having a rooster walk by you in the restaurant...probably his offspring I was dining on...anyways, I digress...

After my meal came the music started from the Juke Box and I was freakin' stunned because there was Bobby singing "Lost Sailor" from "Go To Heaven" as I checked out the selections on the Box and could not believe what I was seeing. I mean, really, last thing you'd expect to see in the Juke Box,in the Caribbean, would be that CD. In my experiences, it's usually been Skeletons or In The Dark...

Long story longer, I throw on Lost Sailor on sunny mornings and I'm not the biggest Bobby fan..."Cheese It Up Bob!" heh heh, loved that tour sticker...

If anyone makes it down to the islands, lemme know if they've kept the GD in the Juke...

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