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Congrats SugarMegs!!


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I hereby claim "The Jell-O Toting Megans" as a band name. I can see a great double bill with "greatbandbadvenue"...

(And, as a minor request to those wondrous people who provide Jell-O shots: is there any way you could make a couple using sugar-free Jell-O? If not, no worries.)



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SugarMegs, I'm so proud of you and happy for you and Hux!!! Ottawa has the very best group of women I have ever met and I am so glad to see it growing with both you and Deb. Man are we lucky!

As for the job, well of course you were going to get it! Good things happen to good people doll. And you one of them. ;)

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way to go megs!!!!!! (on whatever the job may be) is it top secret? cuz if it is thats even cooler.

(side note, lex, love the play on name action)

yay sugarmegs! ottawa gains another cool soul.

and indeed bokonon, sorry, yokonon, way to make lemonade out of lemons! great moniker!

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