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ROLL CALL: Modest Mouse this Sunday


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I'm listening to some MM at the moment and think i'd be foolish not to check them out this Sunday over on Olympic Island. I want to see BSS and Metric too. Rotate This is sold out of tickets. Anyone know who else is selling them for this fest? Will i see any skanks over there?

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cowboy, dont miss Do Make Say Think.. as a BSS offshoot (sorta) they tend to get forgotten with all the hype that surrounds metric, stars, apostle, etc... but charles spearin is a heavy duty bass player, and that band is definitely worth the time and attention.

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CyberHippie - no stealing my plan!!! I may see you there Cowboy, but only if the canoe stealth mode works better than the sailboat disaster at last year's Sam Robert's show. Otherwise I might keep paddling over to the Docks and try my luck there. I could use a bowman if anyone's up for the adventure, but I won't be coming till after the Pride Parade... does anyone know the set schedule for that day?

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------ Forwarded Message

An important bit of news regarding transportation for the MM/BSS event. Sunday is the last day of the Dragon Boat festival which occurs on Toronto Islands Park. For those wishing to arrive for doors or one of the early acts, we recommend arriving well in advance as there will be a high volume of Dragon Boat travellers between 8AM and 2PM. The Dragon Boat festival ends at 4PM so travel to the island later in the day shall be easier.

Finalized set times:

Gates 2pm

Keren Ann 2:30pm

Triumph of Lethargy 3:15pm

The Most Serene Republic 4:00pm

Do Make Say Think 4:45pm

Metric 6:05pm

Broken Social Scene 7:30pm

Modest Mouse 9:15pm

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