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Warm Welcome

Steve from Cleveland

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Hello All,

My name is Steve, and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I was at the Festival at Ghost Town 2 weeks ago, and wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone I met who made my stay (as well as my friend Julia's) in Canada such a pleasant and fun-filled one. We haven't stopped talking about it since! I met so many wonderful people that it is hard to keep track of everyone, but feel free to email me if you remember talking to me there or whatever.

Again, I had the absolute best time you can possibly imagine, and I want to thank everyone again for making it one of THE BEST festivals I've ever been to! You folks have a TERRIFFIC thing going on up there, and I can not wait to come back again and again for festivals, shows, or just to hang out.

And a special thanks to the Chatham crew for the hospitality the Thurs before the festival, and Stu-Dog for the help with the CAA card, you guys are the BEST! And Keri, if you read this, email me because I still have your belt, and because I don't have your email address [smile]

Thanks again to all, and I can't wait to see you all again REAL soon!


Steve (From Cleveland)

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Hey Steve,

It was great meeting Julia and yourself as well

I think I just got my jersey clean.........

Can't wait for the Browns Super Bowl Run this year, Cleveland is going to be rocking.

I'll send ya an email with Tara and my info. We should talk some more and figure out how we are going to get you some Canadian Status...

Right On,


ps. you got mail

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Steve, this is kevin, yet another kevin lol

we traded emails up there by the fire i think it was the first night, before i ate too much fungus and became antisocial. Its good to hear ya had a blast, i love hearing americans having fun up here, i lived in michigan, chicago and the catskills for a bit but i had to come back, canada rocks.

anyways, cheers brotherman

lookin foward to seein ya again


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So nice to be able to share an awesome event with you and Julia and everyone else who was there.

It really adds to the vibe when people road trip to a show or festival.

Thanks for making the journey and may we connect again in the future, at Frontier Town or at a Hookah show in Ohio ... I still need to make it to my first one!

Peace, Mark

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Hey Steve-o!

It was super excellent hangin' with you an Julia back to back weekends!

Mark T., yeah, you really ought to make it to the next hookah gathering. Stu Dog was not a fan before last weekend and now he definitely is! I'm thinking Nelson Ledges would be ideal. July 25-27! What a place! www.nlqp.com

Feel free to stop by anytime, Steve. Whenever you want to get out of the country. [smile]

Take it easy then,


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Well, to respond to everone who's responded to me so far...

I really do have to see a picture of this Marchand guy [smile] I heard myself called that more that weekend than my real name i think, but it's all good. From what I understand we could be long lost twin brothers ?!? Yeah, I do remember tossin the pigskin with you Kevin, that was a blast!

Crow, I got your email, and will be responding later this evening or tomorrow. It was great to hear from you, and yes the Browns are going to make a good strong run at 'er this year... Tell Tara/Loleta/Jay that I said "Hi"! We'll be in touch and get together, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Next time I come, hopefully I will have a van-load of people with me. As I said, Julia and I have not stopped talking about it, and a WHOLE LOT of people are down with coming to see what it's all about!

Kevin (The other one) yeah, I got your email address, and I didn't have any idea who's it was, but emailed you and figured it out!

What brought me up from Cleveland? I met a bunch of the Chatham folks through going to Hookah shows, coincidentally! Blair, Mud, Keri, Stu-Dog, and Zeddy. Blair actually told me about Ghost Town the FIRST time we met at a mansion party in Detroit MONTHS ago. I said I was going, and I'm sure he thought at the time that I was full of hot air, but sure enough we kept in touch and I was there. It was all he said it would be AND MORE! I do pretty much every Hookah event I can within the West PA, OHIO, MICH vicinity, so ANY time you want to come down and get schwaheely with us, let me know and we will DEFINATELY meet up! Did you make it to Hookahville?

Also, Blair just told me about the July 1 Ghosttown, and I am going to TRY to make it. Only issue is that I already told my buddy Mitchell that I would go to a dealie in Detroit (I Think) with him, and I would hate to go back on my word. I will see if there is any way I can swing both, and if there is I will FOR SURE see you there.

Peace & Much Love,

Steve-Land A.K.A Marchand [smile]

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Wow, thanks to all who replied again. Mark T, I second backbacon's emotion that if you are going to go to a Hookah show, the one July 25-27 at Nelson Ledges is about the best thing around next to Hookahville. The park is absolutely gorgeous, with swimming and all kinds of fun stuff to do! There is a state park down the road which is also AMAZING! There is a really kind vibe in the air at that place for sure. So, really any of you who want to road trip to the states, that'd be a good time to do it. The Venue is about 45 minutes from my house, too so if people needed to crash before/after I'm sure the folks wouldn't mind.

Crow, I'm not really doing anything in Detroit anytime REAL soon. Was just up there to visit Julia for one day on Tues. 1st weekend of June I'm going to a family gig in Peoria. 2nd weekend of June is Bonnaroo. 3rd weekend in June is RippleFest in Bluffton by Toledo. Hookah, The Recipe, The Shantee, plus others are all going to be there and they all Kick Ass, 'specially Hookah and The Recipe. Highly recommend that as well... I AM supposed to go to some type of festival-type thing up there with this guy I know in Toledo, the Weekend of July 4th, but I still need to talk to him about the details. When I do, I'll let you know for sure...

Keri, good call on the Ledges, so that is a definate for you? I believe Blair said he was in for sure. Would LOVE to see you down here as well. Like I said above, it's pretty much in my back yard, too...

Karin, It was awesome to hang out with you for 2 straight weekends as well [smile] I am also sorry that we didn't get to spend more time hanging out. Although the time we did hang out WAS quality. I do belive that some of the best hugs of the weekend came from your arms [Wink] . I believe you wrote down all your info in my Setlist book, didn't you? Well I promptly lost it (Before the end of the show Sat)... So I am so glad that you are on here, and wrote back, cause now I know how to get ahold of you again. Anyhow, so you'll be hearing from me again real soon... I will let you know the next time I'm planning on coming to Michigan for sure. And you are from Rochester, correct? Which is about how far from Sterling Heights/Utica/Chesterfield area?

Schwa, yeah that Mansion party was after the Royal Oak show... Too bad you didn't make it. It was AWESOME, AND that's where I met the folks who got me to Ghost Town. Would have loved to meet you as well, but I'm sure that'll happen in the real near future. Looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I'm being long-winded, so I'll check out for now. Peace & Love, HUGS & NUGS!

Be Kind,


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hey steve dog, right on fella ! glad to see u are still alive after hoohahville !! ohhhhhh that was ugly !

didn't see u at bonnaroo..errrrrrrrr.. hope u had a good time, missed ya bro !

hope all is well, good to see u are on with the rest of the skanks, this is definatly the place to be, but make sure u don't listen to bouche, there are things about him that shouldn't be mentioned ?

my tip of the day steve :

subsitute that word cleveland and put chatham in its place -- people might just take u more seriously !

miss ya dude., love to hear from u !


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