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Ultimate television family contest


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What would be your ultimate tv family? (including cartoon characters)

Mom, Dad, Son, daughter, (and a baby if you like). and a dog. or others if you prefer.

Here's mine:

Dad - Peter Griffin - Family Guy

Mom - Kitty Forman - That 70's show

Son - Chris - Family Guy

Daughter - Kelly Kapowski - Saved by the Bell

Dog- Dino - Flinstones

Baby - That baby dinosaur from Dinosaurs

best family ever.

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Hmmm, this one is REALLY tough!

Dad: Homer from Simpsons

Mom: Lois from Malcolm

Son: Radar from M.A.S.H.

Daughter: Willow from Buffy

Baby: Stewie from Family Guy

Maid: Alice from Brady Bunch

Cook: Emeril

Dog: Brian from Family Guy

Cat: Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy

Fish: Ellen's character from Finding Nemo (saw a preview with a buddy of mine who works for Disney - hilarious!)

Alcohol-Induced Coma Fantasy: The Giant Whiskey Bottle from Undergrads

Now THAT'S a family!

- M.

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