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Carlos del Junco gigs in June

Mr. Musicface

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From the mailing list of the amazing harmonica player Carlos del Junco - http://www.carlosdeljunco.com/


Hey there folks,

The big news is getting to do an opening set for Ray Charles as part off the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival! This happens on Fri. June 27 at The Hummingbird Centre in Toronto, ON.

For those of you who have been checking the website --PLEASE NOTE DATE AND VENUE CHANGE OF JUNE 27 VENUE BEING MOVED TO JUNE 21**

May 31 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar

June 6 Barrie, ON - Rooster Bar and Grill (as guest accompanying Jack de Keyzer in an acoustic duo)

June 7 Barrie, ON - Tara Indian Restaurant (as guest accompanying Rick Fines in and acoustic duo)

June 14 Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival

June 21 (**MOVED FROM JUNE 27) Zooma Zooma Coffee Lounge, Jordan, ON

June 27 Toronto, ON - Hummingbird Centre, opening set for Ray Charles

I hope to see you at one of the shows!


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