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Floyd is back


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Hey All

Just got back from the gig tonight in Hamilton and just thought I'd make a post now that I'm able to login again-thanks Mark and Bouche for the help. I've been keeping up with the posts on CTMF and it's great to read all of the good feedback. Athough I was only there for the Saturday night and some of Sunday I was able to jam with Diesel Dog as well as Uncle Seth, Mark Wilson, nero and Wassabi. Thanks to all of you for letting me grace the stage during your sets. Also thanks to Steve and Jeremie from Wassabi for sitting in with us. The duel keys and guitars were a treat. We had a great time there and look forward to returning whenever Mark Wilson will have us back.

Had a good show tonight at the PJ for the Little Feat afterparty. Thanks to all of you who came out. It sounded great in there, and we were glad to play till a little closer to 3 than usual. The power demons shut us down or we would have played longer but that's the way it goes sometimes. We are playing in Ottawa this Saturday night so wish us luck in our nation's capital - first time, and hopefully not our last!

Promo Stuff: Check out the two new MP3's from the unmastered CD that Ike posted about earlier, a little preview of what's to come. And get ready for our free live release from the night we played with nero at the Lancaster in Kitchener. 8 or 9 tunes from that night that will be available to download soon. Our studio CD is in the mastering stage now and should be out in a months or so. We'll let you know.

Highlight of CTMF: Looking at the back of Tonin's head and realizing that, yes, his smile does join together back there!

Remember: When you want to record the gig with your computer. Make sure to DOUBLE check that you have ALL of the parts- including the power cord for the monitor. hmmmm

Good Night or Good Morning, or for a few...

Good Afternoon

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