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Waaaiiting .... stops...

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I'm really looking forward to tomorrow... I can't wait to see what UM can do, and seeing Keller live will be sweet as hell... I'm sure SCI will be good times as well... Plus GTB/BNB... It's going to be an awesome day/night...

ZZ Top tonight!

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I've been stoked and agitated since Monday. My work output this week hates me.

I'm looking forward to a Plunger, Anchor Drops, Wife Soup, or Bridgeless. But hell, I've heard sets where I didn't recognize a tune and loved it. I just see wanna that duel axe attack!!!

Line-up news:

Walked up to the ZZ Top line around 5:20pm. There are separate lines for day-pass and week-pass attendees. There were about 75 people in the day-pass line, and 10 in the week-pass line. Yipee! I am going to try to get there as close to 5pm as possible. If enough of us show up early we can stake out a decent-sized space up front.

Annoying aside: the volunteer I talked to was a bit snarky and wouldn't admit there were two lines until I told him I had a week-pass. It was so unnecessarily tense.

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