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Hey everyone, i just was wondering why no one was putting infor about the festivals going on in the festival infor section or the show anouncment section? i think its kinda weird that are are so many good shows and fests coming up and no one is really spreading the word. if we all trfyed a bit and put the info in the rite sopts then it would benifit us all cause there woruld be more prople going and having fun, just somehting to think about.

But i am having the hardest ime keeping up with this stuff cause everyone is postiong show dates in the cavern and not the upcomning show,, it really would take that much more work,

so if you are going to a show, or lnow of a show or a festive, or a party, or a concert, or a gig, jam louaou, feista, shindig, bbq, or any ohter for of gathering then try and post it in the rite place, so people looikng for it will know where to look

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Hey man. stuff is posted all over the place here. The watchtower is being revamped and fixed up, so expect a better one soon. If you ever want to find out about a show, just ask on the CAVERN or e-mail KevO, the guy who does the watchtower at kevo@jambands.ca

tell him I say hello.

hope this helps- shain

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