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selling my bonnaroo ticket...i have no ride


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I just heard a question, not a wisecrack comment... if it was a wisecrack, it wasn't a mean one

calling someone you don't know an asshole isn't ok no matter how you rationalize it...

its no-one's fault here you don't have a ride...

take a bus, hitchhike... if you want to go, make your way

if you just can't make the show, sell your ticket, say how much you want for it and how to get ahold of you...

just go, if I had a ticket I'd find a way

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tooly [Roll Eyes][big Grin]

anyways, to those seeking rides to the ROO I noticed this post on the relix board from a day ago... maybe they'd be willin to meet you in new york or somewhere...

HEADin to da ROO


New England to Bonnaroo TN Two cool heads cruisin down from Vermont to Tenn...lookin to share gas and fun times with...smily green people need only reply...see ya on the floor...or sooner [smile] 90920@relix.com

I'd imagine there will be more rides opening up as the time gets closer

if you book a greyhound bus ticket from buffalo 7 days in advance its $69 US to manchester (one way) ($120 if you book it less than 7 days ahead)

there is a road, no simple highway

hope it all works out for ya

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Originally posted by FriendliestofDudes:

What is wrong with you people?

One remark and you hear about it from everyone.

Get a hobby or something.

Oh, now that's rich - the person who's been a member for one day decides to criticize people for not tolerating rudeness and name-calling.


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I knew the usual backlash of popular opinion would show up in this situation as it has in the past with unthoughtout, rash responses. Its amazing how much one can get to know the personalities of the other people on this board without ever meeting them. And yet to have someone call me an asshole without ever meeting me is fine, I have big shoulders and can handle that. But remember, not all the people on this board have to be of the peace, love, dope variety. For all you know, i could be some crazed psycho who sits in a dark room planning revenge. Thats right, sweet revenge on all who ridicule and critcize me. So watch your back Cheese boy, you never know who you will piss off next.

I thought the "not to pick" opener was obvious non-aggression. Not that it matters, but i'm a planner, and a smart one at that. I don't feel that I in any way made a wisecrack. A better way to resopnd (and remain liked) would to say that you did have a plan but it fell through because a friend crapped out. That could have led to me responding to you with a similar anecdote about a situation i went through about a year back. But this was not the case. Now instead of making a friend that could have possibly driven you to the next concert, you have 20 people that would now not ever want to even meet you let alone drive you 10 hours south.

I was once guilty of telling someone off on this board (the Sloth knows who that was [Wink] ) with a bit of agression and boy did i hear about it. I have since learned my lesson and really do think about what i type and the consequences that it has and how people will percieve me. I'm not saying i'm changing my POV's, just screening them for smartness sake.

yada yada yada........

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Originally posted by Super Freak:

Alright kids, stop this banter or you're all getting a paddlin'!

No, actually, keep going. I'd enjoy giving all y'all a good paddlin'. heh heh heh.

You've all been very, very naughty.....

I don't know but this post really kinda turns me on..... [smile]

Just hopin' Super Freak is a female..... ah, it don't matter..... paddle away!

Beat me, dangle me, treat me like Bob Weir on a coke and tequila binge in LA circa 1978, I can handle it (oh wait, no I can't....... damnit!).


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