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Have you READ this 1st set yet?

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Rough encore though

Set 1 (1:15): Tweezer -> Theme From the Bottom, Foam, Pebbles and Marbles*, You Enjoy Myself**

Set 2 (1:11): Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Makisupa Policeman***, Axilla, Twist -> Free, All of These Dreams, Possum#

Encore (0:08): Contact##, Tweezer Reprise

Notes: Show began at 8:13pm. Second set began at 10:11pm. * - first time played; ** - with a false start (Trey stopped the band and made a comment about practicing, then re-started a moment later), and with a vocal jam based on the name "George Takei" (the actor who played Mr. Sulu on Star Trek); *** - lyric was "woke up this morning ... about 3 o'clock this afternoon... 'fatty'," and "Waffle House" and "Hooters" were mentioned in the singing toward the end of the song; # - toward the end, Trey hands his guitar to Page (who plays it from his normal seat, doing things like playing behind his head, etc.), Mike hands his bass to Trey, Mike picks up the "B" and "AH" cymbals (traditionally used during "Crackin' Rosie"), and the song ends; ## - Trey says: "Ladies and gentlemen, Al Gore!", also with a Page solo/breakdown and a Mike solo/breakdown. (More details will be sought on the "Possum" antics.)

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