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lost bag-Pepperjack


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Hello all

Great shows last night - missed Fat Cats, but enjoyed the rest of the night!

I misplaced my orange bag (most would call it a purse, but that sounds too girly for me). If anyone picked it up please let me know immediately - all my ID was in there, as well as sentimental items!


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if u call the bar they might have found it, i rememb er for the last wassabi show there, last yr, i had a small book of cds ina plastic bag, like 30somethin cds, all shows ive gone to, and i left em on the patio in a drunken stupor. [Roll Eyes]

thought i was screwed, but the next day i called back and they were still there, i was so surprised no one looked in teh book, saw killer cds and walked away with em. i was a happy camper.

anyways, call the bar

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