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Hey bouche, booche, davey boy


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Bouche, Booche, Davey Boy.

I'm here at my place with Muller after drinking tonight.

I am showing the wonders of the internet to him.

there is no chance he will remember this, but he is happy watching me type and having a good time.


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Well, I just called there boys, talked to Badams, and told him to tell Muller:

"His brother's hockey career is now over since Dallas cut him."

Mark jumped on the phone and said:

"So is the Grateful Dead, so get over it.........."

Fuggin beautiful!

I hope the Habs sign him for next season.


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Muller says this is the day of Britney and Christina!!!!

He says the Grateful Dead are a one hit wonder. The only song he knows is the one about 'BONES".

Welcome to the real world. Listen to Ricky Martin like everyone else. Oh and that other Spanish guy. hahaha

Oh god I am drunk and typing for Muller. I apologize for all of this.

OH by the way Muller says he has slept with a better looking girl then all of you.

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I guess when you put it to your lips, no booze came out.

I wish I saw that.

Crystal, its amazing I didnt end up marrying you......................

Dont worry, Sally says that to me all the time!

Looks like no one is wearing sissy pants in this thread. I am proud of each and everyone of you.

(Good thing those Liquid Cocaines at the Deckuf werent really liquid cocaine. Wait a sec......... [Confused] )

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