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cool psychedelic compilation

mister slippery

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just so ya know.....

anyone who fancies a good, 18 track collection of rare psychedelia is encouraged to run out and pick up the new issue of Uncut magazine from britain, available in good book/magazine shops everywhere.

track list.......

1.tomorrow - my white bicycle

2.syd barrett - octopus

3.the move - i can hear the grass grow

4.nirvana - rainbow chaser

5.t.rex - once upon seas of abyssinia

6.spencer davis group - time seller

7.kevin ayers - clarence in wonderland

8.the smoke - my friend jack

9.the hollies - king midas in reverse

10.the nice - thoughts of emerlist davjack

11.crazy world of arthur brown -

spontaneous apple creation

12.small faces - green circles

13.purple gang - granny takes a trip

14.dantalians chariot -

madman running through the fields

15.status quo - ice in the sun

16.pink faeries - never never land

17.executives - ginza strip

18.donovan - atlantis

the mag is yours for 9.95, and has cool article on Dark Side of the Moon from everybody's perspective, as well as a feature on the Dead reissues, with a small piece on Bob Weir.

man, track 11 is just nuts..........

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