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Review: Jiva Ju et al 2003.05.30


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Originally posted by bradm:

Not to mention Jiva Ju, Bull Moose, and Blues Under Dog tomorrow night!

I got to Dekcuf about my usual time, coffee in hand, all as per normal.

Wait. Who's working the door? It's not Dr. H, it's not bouche...oh, yeah, this is a Friday Dekcuf show, not a Jamband Thursday, not a Jammer Tuesdaze, not even a Saturday nero or ferriswheeler show...

Turns out it's one of the guys from Bull Moose. I paid my bucks, and stamped my own hand, which seemed to impress the door guy...

I was talking to Bryan the sound man about the bands that night, and he told me to be prepared for "Blues Under Dog". "Four-part vocal harmonies, a DJ, guitar, bass drums, watch out."

They hit the stage, and from the get-go, started ripping it up. The closest comparison would be Fishbone, albeit with a bit more rapping. The vocals were amazing, the intensity awe-inspiring. It was their first gig outside Toronto, but I hope not their last.

Bull Moose was a bit different from what I expected. They have the same drummer as The Sneakers*, so I was figuring on something jazzy and funky. Wrong. Think Big Sugar, Colepaugh, maybe even a little (early) Black Sabbath. Wall-of-sound heaviousity, but with focused intensity and emotion. (For example, the lead singer from Blues Under Dog was gettin' seriously down to Bull Moose, mostly because, I think, of the similarly level of intensity and emotion, which easily bridged the different musical styles of the two bands.)

Jiva Ju came out semi-mu'd (why didn't anybody tell me it was mu-mu night?), and let fly. Great to hear "Down With Disease", and that lap steel (for "Travelling Riverside Blues", IIRC) burned some serious holes in my dancing organs. My memories get a little hazy by this point, but I do remember having a heckuva lot of fun.



* Who are opening for Wassabi Collective next Thursday at Dekcuf.

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Friday night was quite a different experience, both music wise and people wise, being it far from our best night, it was fun both watching and playing with the other bands, I greatly enjoyed the jam with the Moose on Statesborough Blues (a la Allmans) and The Bands classic Up on Cripple Creek. Both of those bands had energy for days, and they were a great bunch of people, I'll be keeping them in on the Ottawa scene loop and theres a chance they'll be making an appearence for Jam Back at the House.

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